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7 years ago

Cisco CallManager (CUCM) Datasources

Hey there, I'm sharing my datasources for CUCM that use the Serviceability APIs using PowerShell and SOAP (I'm a powershell scripter, still haven't gotten the time to fully understand groovy).  I'll expand on this post as I get further down adding additional datasources from the Serviceability APIs. 

All of these require a cucm.user and cucm.pass entered on the devices that are the call manager servers. 

Cisco CUCM Device Status- DXZRTZ
 - Reports the following datapoints for all devices registered to CUCM
   - StatusReason, IsRegistered, IsNotRegistered, NumOfLines, RegistrationAttempts
   - Uses https://$($hostname):8443/realtimeservice2/services/RISService70?wsdl
   - Needs to have servicability features turned on (you can check just by going to this URL) 

Cisco CUCM Service Status- 3LNYR9 
 - Reports the service status of all services running for CUCM servers
 - https://$($hostname):8443/controlcenterservice2/services/ControlCenterServices?wsdl

Cisco CUCM Statistics ZN494P 
 - Reports about 100 datapoints from CUCM's PerfMon "Cisco CallManager" object
 - Uses https://$($hostname):8443/perfmonservice2/services/PerfmonService?wsdl

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  • @Tom Lasswell

    This would be awesome if we could get it working. When we add it and I checked the Raw Data and do a Pull Now we get a NaN/No Data on all Datapoints.

    Attribute not valid or not found in output - (method=namevalue, param=AuthenticatedCallsCompleted)

    The above is an example. Is there something we need to enable on the UC side?

  • @Joe Williams the easiest way is to use postman or something like that to test API access using some of the rest endpoints. I've also noticed, if you're not using your FQDN as your name (not display name, don't use the IP Address) it doesn't work because it needs the actual node name of the cucm server. Are you able to connect to the API via Postman? 

  • Hi Tom,

    Would like to try this CUCM datasources. Can you please advise what user permissions in CUCM are required for this?