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7 years ago

Cisco ASR configsource

Cisco_IOS excludes the ASR platform. Is there a plan to create a unique configsource for the ASRs or update Cisco_IOS?

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  • In addition to needing Configsource for CISCO ASR's, there is also a pressing need for CISCO PE's & CISCO ASA's with multiple contexts. In the main we can get round the context issue by adding a device per context, however, there are instances where some contexts either do not have an IP address or are on a non-routable range. Although this method helps it still means that if we have a single ASA with 7 contexts we currently need to create 8 devices just for LM Config to work and for backups of each context to be taken.

    Given that we are an MSP we have multiple CISCO ASR's & CISCO PE's that LM Config will not look at, so these would be our priority.

  • FYI - by cloning the IOS ConfigSource - and change the AppliesTo to something like ' system.sysinfo =~ "ASR" ' - you should be able to get some success with the configs. I've seen it work well with the ASR1000 series, and get some of the configs on other ASR models, as well.

    Our DataSource team still has this in the queue for refinement, but in the meantime, try the above and let us know how it goes...