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7 years ago

Cisc SG500X ConfigSource Script now working

Hi everyone, 


I run a Configsource Groovy Script that grabs all my IOS configs. I recently deployed a stack of SG500X switches (the version with the full CLI) and cannot get the same script to run and show any output. its not SSH settings etc as when I set debug to true, the txt file shows me it gets to the part where it is supposed to send the show commands and it just stops there.

Any ideas? Anyone done it with these before? In terms of appearance there is nothing really different between these and regular Cisco IOS switches like the 3750 etc so I cant imagine it is the view output that would stop it.



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  • Dan,


    You will probably get a faster response by contacting support, feel free to ask for me if you would like, I have worked with configsources a lot and have a few tricks to try, I took a look at your devices but wasnt sure which ones were these switches.