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7 years ago

change syslog and snmptrap default settings

Until LM has proper handling for syslog and traps (after a long time working this with support, it seems syslog just does not work from such little known vendors as "Cisco", and traps need a lot more manipulation capability to be usable, something like what snmptt performs), please either disable the listeners by default, or move them to a non-standard port so other listeners can be used to transform data prior to sending it on to LM.  Otherwise, the default listeners just get in the way and can't really be used effectively.

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  • After a long effort I agree you cannot actually monitor syslog in LogicMOnitor which I find amazing that simple showing a log entry could be so hard.  I have managed to filter down the the wrapper log that the messages do in fact make it to the server just no way to display them.  This makes the product very hard to move forward with.  

  • I have a longstanding ticket in progress on simply handling Cisco router and switch logs (which do not work due to undocumented message format requirements), but yep, I gave up.  It is just not an area LM is focused on.  I moved my log handling to SumoLogic and place collectors on the same boxes I have LM collectors on, hence my question here.  I still want to relay information from SumoLogic into LM, but it will be strictly metric-based data based on API queries to SumoLogic.  Still working on that...