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8 years ago

Browser Notifications for Critical Alerts

This would be a great option to have a simple browser alert that Cisco Spark, Facebook, and others do when new messages arrive.  Specifically for Critical Alerts. If we can tailor the alerts to the individual logged in based on product or customer or some grouping that would be great as well.  Currently you either have to be staring at the screen (not happening if working minor problems) or rely on other methods when a critical hits.  I would suggest this feature be limited to when you're logged in to LM as a plugin to chrome or other browser may get annoying if you're on vacation or outside of work (when these alerts may not be your responsibility).

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  • I'd like this too.  And it should be done using the HTML5 Notifications API.

  • Hey Mosh & Thaddeus - We did introduce the option to play a sound, configurable by alert widget.  This helps draw attention to the screen if a new alert occurs.  Does that help?

  • Sound would be useful too, though mostly I'd like notifications in the same way the other service use browser notifications, i.e. they pop-up on the desktop as toasts.

  • The sound is great, but most of our techs doing live monitoring may also be on calls or not listening to pc audio.  The visual alerts would be the best attention grabber in that case.

  • This would be a useful feature as well.  Just happened to Google for this feature in LM and found this old thread.

  • Hi All, 

    I've just opened a feedback ticket in regards to this request. I will post any updates on this thread. 



  • We're a Google house, so we're used to Chrome toasts and notifications.  As a test I setup a Google Chat room and used LogicMonitor's HTTP integration to post into the chat room. These come up as standard Google notifications, works well.