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9 years ago

Better view for finding tweaked alert settings and disabled datasources

Coming from the old UI, I find my self missing a lot of the simplicity it used to offer with things like being able to easily find when a device, group or datasource was modified.  

For example, I would love an easy way to see where someone disabled a datasource at a group level, or at an individual device level.  Same thing with a datasource threshold.  Perhaps having a view that could be toggled on an off that would help you identify them would help keep the UI a little less cluttered.

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  • We've been committed to trying to make this easier than it was in the old UI.

    For disabled datasources. each device has a disabled group as the first option in the tree.  If selected, the level(s) at which the datasource was disabled will display in the tool bar with text "monitoring disabled at ..."  The advantage of this is if there are multiple groups where it has been disabled, you don't have to try one at a time.  You will see the full list (assuming you have rights to view those groups).

    We've put a lot into thresholds recently as well.  You'll notice in the upcoming release (v.73) that the hierarchy of thresholds set and the ability to navigate to change them has greatly improved, regardless of where you're editing the threshold from.  We do list all the thresholds for each datapoint in the Alert Tuning tab.  This displays in the expanded view of a row if you're looking at a group.

    If you get a chance, please play around with these features and let us know where gaps remain.

  • I'm probably just not seeing it, but I only see this level of capability at the device level and even there its not where I think it needs to be.

    Let me put it another way, What I would love is a special console view where I can see what has been tweaked, vs. whats inherited, vs whats standard for a given object.  The best example I can think of, which still doesn't completely solve the problem is Microsoft's ACL structure.  If I open an NTFS folder, I can instantly see things that were explicitly added to the folder, things that are inherited (and where its inherited from), and things that are just defaults.  It's doesn't show things below, which is why I said its not a complete help.  

    In your case, I would like to see eiather a specical view, or a special console that would sort of give me a similar birds eye view that I could drill into.  For example, our group tree structure works like this.  Location\Vendor\Product\various product groups\sub-product groups if needed.  In this example, I would want to be able to

    • - Click on "location" and see all setting that have been tweaked below.  Thresholds, disabled datasources/instances, SDT's, etc.  
    • - Click on product group "a" and see all settings that have been tweaked at this level, all settings that are inherited from a parent (indicating that they're inherited), and again any setting that are defined below this group.  Either explicitly on a device or a device group.