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5 years ago

Bank holidays and alerting

It would be very welcome (read as: required) that we can mark days as a bank-holiday. During these days we normally have no staff on site and alerting should be done in a different way as on normal working days. Last week we had a production incident which was not routed correctly due to the fact nobody was in the office on Public holiday.

My ideal situation would be something like this:

  1. 1. Be able to create a custom list of dates (just a single list) on which monitoring should act on in a different way.
  2. 2. On the alert rule "time based chain" add an extra "day" besides Mon-Sun (i.e. called special)
  3. 3. if an alert arises it should first check if the now() moment is in the special list. It true, act on that. If not continue normal processing.

Thanks a lot!



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  • Totally agree

    the need for the ability to set escalation chains (+time based)/alert rules with 'Public holidays' in mind is a missed feature that should be standard within the LM Admins toolbox