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4 years ago

Azure Blob|Queue|Table Storage Capacity datasource No Data ???

After a little over 2 weeks observing results from LM Cloud Azure monitoring, I've noticed that these storage capacity datasources all produce graphs with big gaps in them from polls returning "No Data"...sometimes this occurs for several consecutive polls which are at the default 1 hour interval.   This has persisted even after ensuring that datasources are updated to current versions. Has anyone else observed this behavior?  Did you discover a cause?  Were you able to correct it; if so how?  I'm not sure that moving to the next available poll interval (6 hours) is desirable.  Any ideas or suggestions?

Microsoft_Azure_BlobStorage_Capacity  lmLocator: MJJYAA

Microsoft_Azure_QueueStorage_Capacity lmLocator: 99FMHT

Microsoft_Azure_TableStorage_Capacity  lmLocator: NFTK9P