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8 years ago

Audit Alert Rules and Escalation chains

Would like to be able to retrieve the "Alert Rules" and "Escalation Chains" data that you see in "Alert Settings". Either a report, API, or export would work.  Also would like to be able to list out what devices those alert rules pertain to.  We need this information to audit our current environment and to see what device alerts are going to which groups.  Our Logic Monitor environment is distributed and has hundreds of rules and escalation chains.  Recent reorg's, and shifting of responsibilities, has made it necessary to identify what is monitored and who gets those alerts.  With this information I hope to reorganize device groups and collapse and reduce redundant and unused rules and escalation chains, and move to a more centralized and manageable system.

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    Hi Mary,  Alert Rules will be added to v1 of our REST API in our next release, v87.  Escalation chains & other Alert Settings data will also be added to the REST API, and should be available in a few months. 

  • That's good to hear Sarah.  I desperately need this too for audits.