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7 years ago

Assign Devices and/or Groups to a Collector group and Balance Device Counts within Group

As we expand pass 2600+ devices, and having to manually spread and adjust devices quantities over multiple collectors, a nice option to utilize our collector resources better would be the option to set the "Preferred Collector" for a device or group to be a "Collector Group" and then during device creation, the LogicMonitor backend logic just assigns each new device to the collector within the group to the collector with the lowest device count.

It seems like a rough way to balance the collectors, but in our experience, that's how we're currently doing it and it's not the most perfect, but it has been working very well to allow the collectors to be utilized well, without causing Collector Task Count queuing, unavailable to schedule errors or failed active discoveries.

Eric Feldhusen

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  • I agree. Rather than admins having to keep track of collector assignments, the system should use an algorithm to balance assignments across a group of collectors, based on type of device being monitored (WMI/SNMP), and datasources and instances.