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8 years ago

Archive option for decommissioned devices

There are times where a user may want a legacy device's data retained in LogicMonitor for performance tuning and comparisons. If you remove a device, it also removes all associated data, making historical reporting impossible (unless you export the raw data, which is a pain in the neck).

It would be great to be able to "archive" a device, automatically removing it from Collector queries and alerts. It would also be great for the device to no longer count against your device license limit, but I understand why this may be problematic (the data still exists, taking up storage).

Currently, the only way to mimic this is to disable alerting and collection and drag the device to a separate folder. However, a Collector still must be defined, which I imagine is a waste of resources (invalid WMI calls, SNMP failures, etc).

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    Hi Ernie,

    Out of curiosity, how long would you want to be able to "archive" a device for? Would you only want this for devices you manually decide to "archive" or any device removed from monitoring?



  • From a product view, it should be something that is optional, but maybe presented at time of removal? In other words, ask me "do you want to archive this device" when I go to delete it.

    As for archival retention, I think that should be related to the service level you're paying for. I believe the difference between LogicMonitor Standard and Pro (or whatever the tiers are called) is 1 year vs 2 year data retention. I don't see why that should change.