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8 years ago

API Get Service Data sorting an row limits

Does anyone know if there is a request parameter that I can add to get all available rows of data?  Also, is there a request param to sort the data by timestamp?  By default, it comes sorted newest to oldest.  I'd really like all data for an entire month, sorted oldest to newest, but I'm having to request half a day at a time and sort myself...I am hoping to avoid that being a long-term solution.  

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    If you're using our REST API to get data, the response is limited to 500 data values.  So you can specify start and end times (in epoch format) to get data, but you'll likely need a script that iterates through start/end values to get data for a month.  There isn't a parameter that will sort data oldest to newest at this time.  We'll look into adding such a parameter as an improvement, but we'll also keep this use case in mind for our SDK, which is currently in development.