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8 years ago

All Alerts view global filter

Currently I have no choice but to enable access to the all alerts view because my end users need access to the "Search anything" within alerts feature.  This is because we use the alert Notes property to store useful information and they search on content in the Notes field.  However, the all alerts view has everything, and there are alerts I do not want some end users to have visibility of.  I would like a global filter option that can be applied to the all alerts view as an admin override to any filters a user may apply.  Also, it should be possible for admins to show or hide the fact that a global filter is in effect.

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  • Hi Mosh -

    The alerts a user can view are auto filtered by the devices they have the ability to view.  The alerts page should just be a superset of what they can see among the devices page | alerts tab.  If that doesn't help, can you provide more details re where it is useful to further filter what a user can see in the alerts page?



  • Hi Annie,

    So I have devices that I want the end users to see, but there are alerts on those devices that I do not want them to see.  For example, I want to see warning alerts but I do not want end users to ever see any warning alerts.  Another example, I want to see the "no data" alerts, but I do not want end users to see the "no data" alerts.