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7 years ago

Alerts for mounted ISOs on Linux server

Hello all,

Recently, I had mounted a RHEL ISO on a /data/rhel_iso directory, on a system that is monitored with LogicMonitor. 5 minutes later I received an alert about 105% utilization of /data/rhel_iso, which is reasonable but strange, as ISO takes same space as the files inside it. When I unmounted the ISO I got an alert of a filesystem that is not responding. How to disable those ISO related alerts? They are irrational.

Many thanks in advance,


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  • Hello Szymon,


    You should be able to select the file system and go to the alert tuning tab and adjust or turn off alerting for each data point or the data points you don't want to be alerted on for that server.  Check my screenshot below to see some of those metrics on my linux server in my portal.