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7 years ago

Alert when specified events are in Audit Log

Sometimes people want to be notified immediately (sooner than a daily report) when certain things happen in their LogicMonitor account; for example: adding/deleting devices, adding/deleting users, changing thresholds or datasources.

If you don't need to know right away or want them summarized, you should use the existing feature of an Audit Log Report. 

This EventSource uses a groovy script to do this. You specify one or more of the following properties on the same device where you apply it. I suggest you apply it to the collector since that's where it runs. You specify the severity of the alerts in the value of the properties.

How does it work?  It looks for specific strings that show in the description column. Other criteria could be added by modifying the script.

The locator code is:  K32GNY