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5 years ago

Alert when failover link is active

We have a Cisco router that has a primary link on G0/0 and a failover link on a cell link (Loopback0). I want to trigger an alarm when the Loopback0 interface starts passing traffic. Is there an easy way to set this up? I cloned the snmp64_If datasource and started trying to pull out the exclusion for loopback interfaces so it will show them in the interface list. Now I just need to figure out how to alert on traffic for those interfaces. 


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  • You can take your cloned copy and basically modify the autodiscovered filter so it ONLY contains your Loopback0 interface and that can be a dedicated "snmp64_loopback" (or whatever name you want) DataSource. You can then setup global thresholds on this new DataSource which will only apply to Loopbacks. You can still keep the original snmp64_if for primary and other ports with it's own separate thresholds.