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7 years ago

Alert Tuning - Automatically include the datasource-defined threshold when adding custom threshold

I have an app admin who wants to suppress CPU critical alerting from 10PM to 4AM for his servers---ok, not a problem. We created a dynamic group filtering for his servers and set a custom alert threshold for the desired time without a critical threshold. The issue I'm having is for the rest of the day from 4:01 AM to 9:59 PM. This app admin does not have a good use case to suppress alerting during these hours, so the standards from the datasource should apply. But in order to get those standard alert thresholds take effect, I am finding I have to create another manual effective threshold for the remaining hours.

This becomes a problem if we ever have to change the datasource-defined alert threshold. Having the datasource-defined global threshold automatically included (and linked/updated) as the lowest layer of the Effective Threshold stack would alleviate the need to track and update all of the one offs when new standards are approved.