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9 years ago

Alert rule inheritance


We have a lot of situations where we get requests to add folks to notifacations for services running on a particular server and on top of that we also have folks that want to be alerted on all errors on a particular type of server.  Its pretty difficult to account for all the potential monitoring scenarios and not potentially miss sending an alert to folks.  For example:

All web servers = DevOps team

All web servers\Prod Servers = Service Desk

*\*\Some Custom service running on some of the web servers

As it stand now to ensure devops gets the alerts i need to add them to all the sub-groups.  For the service desk group its even worse as as they don't need to see dev servers as an example, but they would want to see custom alerts for the prod servers.  Really, its just a mess of a way to handle notifacations.  I would much rather see a child / parent inheritance model with an option to block inheritance for certain alert rules.

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  • Just wanted to bump this, since  I didn't hear anything.  It can make managing lots of alert overrides a real PITA not having this ability.