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6 years ago

Alert Message Design Control

Is there any method for controlling the email output from the alerts to allow for building screen dependant output so we can have useful alerting on big screen outlook, our cellphone's lock screen, our smart watches?  If nothing else, just flipping the "Click here to acknowledge" and the templates defined in the settings?

Ideally, allowing us to add layout control using css and html.  This would also allow for dynamic "widgets" that can give a color code on a header based on the severity of the alert.  I'll eventually be recreating the SCOM layouts I had using external alerting.  For each alert about a resource constraint, I currently show a time based heat map of RAM, CPU, Disk activity to allow us to determine at a glance if the issue is a momentary problem or a persistent one.

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  • Really I am also wanna know about it, but still can't find any solution, last week I bought a smartwatch from FrostNYC Coupon at Reecoupons, so also want to get emails alerts and other important notifications through my watch, but still not much success on this, if you get to know about it plz do pm me.