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7 years ago

Alert different groups that use different alert thresholds for the same data source

Our Infrastructure team uses the default thresholds on all data sources, and we receive all 'Warning, Error, & Critical" alerts for all data sources. We have various teams that want to be notified on a small subset of devices that use different thresholds than the defaults. 

Currently, in order to accomplish this, we have to clone the dataset, set the desired threshold settings, and configure a new alert rule to notify the the secondary team. This new alert rule has to have a lower priority set than the default Warning alert. The problem with this approach, is the original default Warning alerts for these devices will not be sent to the Infrastructure team, due to the alert rule for the cloned device having a higher priority. 

I've worked with other monitoring applications that allow for multiple alert notifications to different teams using different thresholds. It would be nice to have this feature in LogicMonitor.