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6 years ago

Alert Count in Big Number widget


I'm pretty new to LM and am struggling with the big number widget. I have a need to show alert counts for a specific  subscription, showing new (unacknowledged/cleared) alerts and then show some history i.e. unacknowledged/cleared over last 7 days, current month etc.

Any guidance appreciated 

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  • The Big Number can only display a current Datapoint value or a count of Resources/Devices. It doesn't count up alerts or other items but what you can do is collect this information as a Datapoint which you can use Big Number widget on, along with tables and graphs and such.

    The trick is is to "monitor" LogicMonitor portal itself via the LM API. So LogicMonitor is kinda calling itself to collect information. This may require custom DataSources (coding) so it can get a bit complex. The closest example I can find quickly is on Mike Suding's Blog (useful resource) at . This actual example is dated since device quantity is now built in, but it shows code example of having LM query it's own API.

    I would suggest looking over the "LM Exchange" forum here to see if someone else has written this previously or perhaps ask LM Support if they have something like this. This might be jumping in the deep-end if you're new to LM.

  • Although this is custom work and normally Support wont be able to assist we have implemented this for other customers and can happily assist you with this request, please open a support ticket when doing so it might help to pass the TSE that answers you my name or a link to this page.