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9 years ago

Additional standard metrics for AWS EC2 logicmodule

Two very useful metrics to be monitoring on our EC2 instances are 

CPUCreditUsage : The number of CPU credits consumed during the specified period.

This metric identifies the amount of time during which physical CPUs were used for processing instructions by virtual CPUs allocated to the instance.

CPUCreditBalance : The number of CPU credits that an instance has accumulated.

This metric is used to determine how long an instance can burst beyond its baseline performance level at a given rate.

Close monitoring of these enable us to spot an error if a T2 instance is using more CPU than it should over time, monitoring CPU usage alone is not enough as once your credit balance is 0 the usgagae is throttled by amazon to a baseline level. In other words if your credit balance reaches 0, the cpu utilisation will drop to either 10,15 or 20% depending on the instance type, Making it impossible to alerts on cpu usage of 100%.




Added these manually and they work fine, would be nice if these were included in the default logicmodule

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    We have a couple of EC2 datasource improvements already in the queue.  I'll add these to the list :)/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" title=":)" width="20">