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10 years ago

Additional Graph/Chart Options

As a small MSP, this would be really great for me to build an overall status dashboard that my customers to log into for network details.rnI could also envision us pushing status updates even as little text blurbs to that page using an API call. For instance, if we had experienced an outage or problem of some sort, being able to just drop a simple message out there could be really powerful in the form of transparency to our customers.rnAnd lets be frank, most people reading a public dashboard are not going really to understand the data, so it needs to be in a form thats familiar and easy to understand, like stoplights and gauges.rnLastly, being able to build a custom map, similar to the map widget, so that we could do stoplights on a map of our own that was reflective of our physical infrastructure. In the simplest form, something like showing the current response time between two sites, where theres a city on the left, one on the right, and an arched line between them that shows the current network status/speed.

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  • We want to display LoMo charts and dashboards on digital displays that we have around the building so people can see at a glance current network status.

    For this we need simple visual charts that convey a status just by looking at the color or icons.

    For example for our websites we monitor we want a simple way to see an up or down status.

    Another example is we would like to show the bandwidth usage on our internet connections using a speedometer chart.

    See the attachments for examples.