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8 years ago

Adding Collector based on fixed input collectorID via RPC call

I want to add collector via rpc call with my provided collectorID input. Currently I am not able to do that as collectorID is auto generating and there is no option to provide collectorid as input to rpc/addAgent?

I think it would be good to have that feature so that we can organise collectors based on ID#s, environments...etc., ( particularly when we try to add collectors through rpc calls and automate the process..)

Please help on this. Thank you.

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    All resource Ids are automatically set in LogicMonitor, because Ids need to be unique.  Automatically setting them is the simplest & safest way to enforce uniqueness.  We do, however, allow you to set Collector description.  You mentioned wanting to set Collector Id to better facilitate Collector organization - are you using Collector Groups?  Collector groups should enable Collector organization, and although our RPC API doesn't allow you to set/update Collector Groups for your Collectors, this functionality will be included in our upcoming REST API.  Our REST API for Collectors & Collector Groups is expected to be published in v81.