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6 years ago

Add the tags from VMs and add to the device as a custom property

Hi All

I am running a PowerShell script in a vCentre which tags the VMs based on the parent folder. I want to run a PowerShell a script in LM portal to add those values as a custom property to the devices.

Anyone have any idea.



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  • Tried esx.tags=true? . Doesn't use device-level properties though.

    You can use PropertySources to run a powershell script to add the tags as device autoproperties. Your script will need to provide especially formatted output and that is covered in the documentation and you can look at existing PropertySources for examples.

  • Sorry, I'm not setup to test this to verify how it works exactly. I would suggest reaching out to LogicMonitor Support so they can review your particular situation and settings.