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7 years ago

Add Support for Debug Commands to REST API

We would like to build a nicer web UI for the debug commands so that we can enable our less technical staff to perform tests to verify things like SNMP comms.  Please extend the REST API so that debug commands can be invoked and the response returned in the REST API call response.

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    Hi Mosh,

    We have been thinking about ways to make the debug interface more intuitive, so I understand the need.  The Poll Now option was intended to alleviate some of the need to actually use to debug interface, and we are continuing to improve it with that intention - e.g. if SNMP community string is incorrect and interfering with data collection, Poll Now results should indicate as such.  If that doesn't satisfy your use case, you can you provide more detail?  



  • Hi Sarah,

    Yes, our need is because the Poll Now option does not provide enough feedback to diagnose problems like mismatched SNMP community strings.

    Also, we need the Poll Now option to be available to users with View only rights.  We have technical communities who are allowed to verify monitoring configuration but are not allowed to Manage the monitoring solution.  I know, us enterprise customers have unusual requirements :)/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" title=":)" width="20">