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7 years ago

Add scheduling option to alerting

Use Case:


I am a provider with a substantial amount of customers being monitored by the platform. A single customer requests monitoring to be suspended for 14 days as they do a physical DC move. The move will be 1:1 so all systems will come back up in same logical location and only move physical locations.  Requests are filed, meetings are had and the day comes to move and NOC turns alerting off for customer. Uneventful days go by and on the day that alerting is supposed to be turned back on a regional event happens that the provider NOC is responding to for other customers (You can insert any normal well defined chaos that happens in a NOC here) and alerting does not get re-enabled for the customer with the physical DC move. 


Oracle team notifies the NOC that a weekend upgrade will be happening on the Oracle customer and the upgrade team does not want to be notified of any alarms as they will have their hands full with the upgrade and they will call back when the upgrade is complete. NOC turns alerting off and upgrade team never calls to say that they are done working. 


Much like SDT enable calendaring and scheduling as a option for enabling/disabling alerting as a backup option in case of failure in manual processes.