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8 years ago

Account/User responsible for ack/SDT made visible within LM

Scenario: Alerts are acknowledged or SDT'd either via email or from within LM web interface but no description or identification is entered when ack'd/SDT'd. Some alerts are long term due to the nature of the issue but could go un-noticed and cause real problems if incorrectly ack'd. Determining who ack'd an alert and why would be paramount in Root Cause Analysis.

Query: How can we determine which user acknowledged or SDT'd an alert from within LM? Email ack/SDT responses show the user account, but LM does not and not all auditing parties would necessarily receive the emails sent when someone acks an alert.

Request: Add a small field to the Alert Page when clicking on an alert to display the username or email address of the user who performed the action. Either that or auto-append said username/email address to the Notes field. Forgive my mspaint skills.