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8 years ago

Ability to stream StatsD like stats/metrics to LM

Is there any plan to allow collectors to receive statd metrics? My current use case is for monitoring consul telemetry. Consul only exposes telemetry metrics via statsd/statsite streaming. I could create some wonky home brew parsing/ingestion with a script based datasource, but I'd rather not have such a large project to upkeep in my monitoring stack


I've been using LM for over 2 years, made tons of custom datasources but not being able to stream metrics like this is the one thing that's been bothering me from the get-go. Currently I have this running on a Prometheus instance just for consul but I really want to keep my single pane of glass

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  • Yes, we will allow for the ingestion of StatsD metrics.  It requires a bit of a shift in our current paradigm, so we're working through that now.  I expect we'll be in beta this year.

  • The LogicMonitor Product team is actively looking for feedback from customers on this.  If you are interested in talking with a Product Manager about your use cases for StatsD or any other Push Metric needs please reply here and we can setup a time to talk.