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10 years ago

ability to send data to logicmonitor collectors

Logicmonitor is great at active monitoring aka polling (going out and retrieving information through snmp, jmx, jdbc etc etc), however it is not good at receiving information aka passive monitoring. (both snmp traps and syslog inputs are just for alerting and cannot be used for graphs).

The idea of being able to send data to a monitoring system is not something new. Zabbix has zabbix_sender util, nagios has nrdp, graphite also allows you to open a raw socket and send data.

The ask is for logicmonitor to add the following functionality to the logicmonitor collector:

1. listen on a configured port (tcp/udp depends on the user)

2. parse the data that is passed on the port to see if it meets the proper format (the format would be pre-defined by Logicmonitor. Something like \'\')

3. normalize the data into the same format as other data

4. send to logicmonitor cloud servers

I do believe most of this functionality is already in the collector. The ability to take data in is already in the netflow product so please extend this to allow us to write custom applications on our side and feed data into logicmonitor.

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  • One of the lesser used post-processing methods available for data-points is HexExpr (Hex String with Hex Regex Extract Value)rnFrom the Tech Docs, this is described as:rn

    The Hex String with Hex Regex Extract Value (Hexexpr) method only applies to the TCP/UDP collector. It is applied to the TCP/UDP payload returned by this collector.rnIm not really sure if this helps with what you are looking for, but it may be a start since you can configure the datapoint to interpret the TCP/UDP payload.rnCheers,


  • This is definitely interesting however how does the processor know what host the metric is for?

    It would be great if the tcp/udp post processor can parse something like hostname, metric name, metric value