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8 years ago

Ability to get Windows collector download URL

I wanted to install a windows collector on a remote machine today. Being logged in to LM on my PC I went into the Collectors->Add dialog

After selecting the options I clicked download, waited for the download to start, stopped the download (I do not need the file on my LAN anyway), copied the download URL and downloaded the file on the remote machine. 

This all worked perfectly but instead of this long trip, please add an option to get a download link so I can copy and start download directly on the remote machine

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    There are a few ways you can currently get a download URL for a remote Collector installation:

    1) Use the Wget / cURL requests provided in the install dialog (if you don't want to use Wget or cURL, you could just copy the download URL provided)

    2) Use our REST API to programmatically add the Collector resource record and download the installer from the remote machine

    Let me know if you have questions about either of these, or if they don't solve your issue.

  • I'm in windows so Wget/cURL are not native in this world. why not put another button next to the download that says "download link" that will only show me the url without the wget/curl extras?