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6 years ago

Ability to Generate Report using Resource Group AND Resource.

Device Inventory report allows you to generate a device report on Resource Group or Resources. It's one or the other and cannot be both.

Say I have dynamic folders... I want a device inventory of that folder with *Resources* including the word *Switch* ... currently I cannot do this.  It seems like an oversight in my opinion as it doesn't seem like a complicated issue.
I can do Resources *Switch* and get every switch from every company but this is not helpful. The idea here too is we have dynamic groups that sort by coverage. I want to generate a list of devices in that coverage that only includes devices with the word switch.
I've worked with support and found a way around this using dashboards and tables, but then the dashboard can ONLY pull data sources. Ping loss for example. I can't get IP, Version info, and Serial Number. I'm trying to make a really useful report like this.

Does anyone else have this issue?