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7 years ago

Ability to email all users

Currently if I wanted to send some comms to all of my LM users, I have to gather all of their emails and do it from my own email client. It would be really useful to have a feature where I can message all my LM users from within LM.  As part of our GDPR efforts we need to review each user's data and periodically remind them that they still have an account.  It would also help with access governance.

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  • Maybe give us the ability to add User Access Roles to Recipient Groups? I can see that as a good intermediary step toward this functionality (assuming @mosh doesn't have an unwieldy number of User Access Roles to manage). 

  • The other feature I would like to have (again would help with GDPR etc.) is to be able to configure the number of inactive days after which a user's account is automatically deactivated, and an automatic email out  is sent to the user.

  • Would like to see this at the individual Role level as well as being able to select multiple roles at the same time - as an MSP with multiple customers/users and different contractual/service requirements being able to select which Role/Customer to send notification emails to would be great

    I also agree with Mosh on the ability to configure the number of inactive days prior to an automatic 'deactivation' of a user account + auto email notification will be a good step in helping user clean up, we are not always notified of when users leave organisations - would like to see this as a Global Role/User option & with the ability to override at a role/user level to help compensate for customers or individuals (directors or suchlike) that only log on once in a blue moon.