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7 years ago

Ability to customize web service alert emails

With DataSources and EventSources it is possible to tailor the alert message and content of the alert emails.  However, with web services there is only the one template.  We need to be able to tailor the email content on a web service by web service basis.

Please make it possible to configure the alert email content per service check.  Ideally it should be possible to define as many message templates as we like, and then choose which template to apply at a service group level, so that the service check objects inherit the template from the parent service group.

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  • Templating in general is pretty simplistic, and the service template is global as you note, making it pretty useless.  I have recommended a Groovy-based template system integrated with LM before and still do, but I honestly am less and less convinced over time that this forum is looked at by anyone that can actually do much about feature requests.

    My solution to this problem introduces a possible SPOF, but I push all tokens (including my custom property tokens) into a template system right now via email, and then I can generate whatever I like on that end.  Since it is email (for now), I can at use multiple sync'ed servers to avoid SPOF, but still clunky.


  • Yes, I too have to con-template ;) implementing an intermediate service where emails to go a "middle man" system to be parsed and then actions taken.  Tempting to build something in-house but looking at off he shelf options.  In the past I would have done this in Netcool using the Impact module, or filtered inbound events using algorithms in Managed Objects.