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8 years ago

3PAR Setup



Having an issue trying to get a 3Par to talk to LM, I have created the user that has SSH access on the 3PAR added in the ssh.user ssh.pass on the device as well as the system.categories to 3PAR-SSH but all I see is PING, HOST and the PORT 22 any ideas




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  • Hi Stephen,

    Those settings should be all that is required.  I would ask a couple questions:

    1)  Are there 3Par datasources in your account?  Settings->Datasources, do a search for 3Par (you should see ~10 datasources).  If not, download them from the LogicMonitor Core Repository.

    2)  Have you tried an ssh connection to the 3par from the Collector?  That's how the datasource would work, so the ability to establish that ssh session *from the collector*  is mandatory.

    3)  If you still can't get it working, I highly recommend using Support-> Chat with Engineer.  They should be able to help you get this working quickly.

    Hope this helps!