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4 years ago

30 SEP 2020 - Office Hours

Have questions about how to best use LogicMonitor? LogicMonitor experts are live to explain best practices and answer your questions. There are no planned topics as this webinar is a true office hours. Bring your coffee and questions!

Register here.

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    If you attended yesterday's Office Hours session, please provide some feedback to us so we can continue to host helpful stuff like this.

    US Session

    EMEA Session

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    EMEA Session recording:


    Question Index from the US Session:

    Q: Can we have a groovy training session?
    A: Answered at 2:07

    Q: We are going to be on-boarding a client with 250 locations soon. Do you have anything pre-built we can use to mass create a folder structure for each location? We're aware of the API, but if we can avoid the leg work of building our own script, that'd be great!
    AP: Maybe in here:, but I'd think not. There is no way for them to know what type of structure you want. You could try posting to the community, to see if anyone wants to write one for you.
    A: Answered at 6:28

    Q: We are currently using the Email_TransitTime datasource, however, Microsoft is deprecating basic auth to 365. Do you know if Email_TransitTime datasource will be impacted? Will it be updated to use oauth 2.0? Is there a replacement method for monitoring email transit time using oauth 2.0?
    A: Answered at 11:57

    Q: We are in the process of replacing a set of core (from repo) DataSources with customized versions, but we don't want to edit nor delete the originals. We probably have lots and lots of Dashboards which will need to get updated to point at the new DataSources. Do you have any advice on how to identify or even bulk-update an unknown number of Widgets across an unknown number of Dashboards? Are there any code examples for such a thing?    LOL oops I just find this!  Awesome!!
    A: Answered at 14:40

    Q: Can you talk about cloud infrastructure visibility capabilities ? What cloud services you can monitor
    A: Answered at 20:27

    Q: We are very very VERY excited about the new Slack v2 integration, but with 30+ existing Slack Integrations the conversion process seems daunting. Any advice on how to streamline the switch from "old" to "new" Slack Integrations?
    A: Answered at 25:10
    OP: This doc I did already have. ?   For the other folks:
    OP: No worries if it's new!

    Q: How to put Website data in dashboards
    A: Answered at 30:03
    OP: can you edit it?
    A: Yes, some of it

    Q: We tried to find a way to filter an Alert Widget by a Property, to no avail. We are thinking that Dynamic Group(s) with AppliesTo matching the desired Properties is the work-around. Thoughts?
    A: Answered at 33:16

    Q: Dynamic Group alert filter widget by property.. would work for instances too? rather than device
    A: Answered at 35:35

    Q: Starting in .137 Release notes:  "Looking Ahead....In an upcoming release, LogicMonitor intends to add validation for the purpose of preventing the use of the percent() function within complex datapoint expressions....."   Still not here but can you offer some explanation on this topic?
    OP: There's more detail in 139 notes:
    A: Answered at 40:38
    Q: Related is an update SNmp_64If which this includes this computation, and we've customized this for specific router and switch purposes, and so I am trying to figure out what this means for what I might need to do in terms of datasource updates.  BTW, I'll be re-watching later to get this explanation again.  thx
    A: Answered at 52:54

    Q: example of collector installation thats cli only
    A: Answered at 45:11