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29 July 2020 Office Hours

At LogicMonitor, we recognize that your business and infrastructures are under increased strain due to COVID-19. To assist you in monitoring your vital infrastructure, we would like to personally invite you to join us at 11am PST, Wednesday, July 29th, for another Live Training Webinar Office Hours.

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  • Webinar Q&A Transcript:

    We are loving the 'Azure App Insights' integration with LM. Can we gather 'Smart Detection' data with App Insights monitoring?
    (Answered around 10:33)

    Can we get Website Performance Monitoring (Load times, Speed Index, Time To Interact, and other LightHouse based metrics)?
    (Answered around 2:50)

    Q: Can we add Webchecks to have Status Code History? 
    (Answered around 6:34)

    Q: Hi gang! Could you explain a little bit about why Script (Groovy) isn't available for External (global) Website checkpoints? Is it something that will ever be an option, or is the risk just too great?

    (answered around 7:55)

    Q: Sometimes monitoring a portal globally, the portal requires login steps which use cookies and tokens, we really would like to have that (It can be done internally, but the problem is when you want to see if the portal is available across the globe)
    Answered in conjunction with the previous question around 7:55. 
    The recommendation here is to run a Collector in each location where you need to check the site from, then use the scripted internal web check to handle the tokens/cookies. Here is an older video that walks through how to create a simple scripted check.

    Q: When do you plan to allow Selenium scripts to run in Website monitors?
    (We are following up with the product team on this one.)

    Q: Are there any plans to have the dashboards be covered in LM Exchange? since that would be SOOO useful
    (Answered around 21:30) - We’ll follow up with the product team to see if there are any more details to share around this. 

    Q: New to LM, can I use LM to pull NTP configs from network devices & generate a report?
    (Answered around 22:10)

    Q: Do we have the name of who "import" the new Datasource or Module? and Date/Time?
    (Answered around 26:10)

    Q: What is the best way to build a network mapping?  We have about 1,100 devices to map for several clients, but it seems burdensome to do so using what were finding, is there an active discovery in the mapping functions that we have not yet discovered?
    (Answered around 37:34)

    Q: On the subject of Datasource data types.... are there any plans to add support for non-numerical results for them so that we can alert on them or do something with them?
    (Answered around 34:48)

    Q: We have some custom DataSources which call external script files (mostly Python) which we manage externally via Ansible. Because the script is not "uploaded" (part of the DataSource), the Exchange seems to reject it. It throws "Internal error" when trying to do "Commit to My Repository". Is that expected for an external script DataSource or should I file a bug report?
    Discussed around 46:27. Follow up from product manager confirmed that the behavior is expected. (Publishing will work if the script is uploaded.)

    Q: If you have a VM (e.g. VMware) that you are monitoring as a Device under Resources
    When monitoring vCenter, do you get the same monitoring and alerting of a VM as if you had a VM as a Device under Resources?
    (Answered around 30:09)

    Q: Can you touch on some of the Azure coolness that can be done?
    (Answered around 39:23)

    Q: is there a way to log/alert on a cpu maxing out so i can see the actual process that is causing the issue?  like IIS process maxing a system
    (Answered around 43:05)

    Q: Is there a plan to make upgrading from different "generations" of data source groups less painful?
    for datatypes... Like If there are situations where we have 1000s of Event types captured via API which we would like to grab but can’t map to a number.... that was why I was hoping to have support for alphanumerics
    (Answered around 53:00)

    Q: Could we have a device member of different groups (e.g.: Server Group and DBA Group) but only one group could modify the thresholds of the Datapoint ... the server group will manage the OS Datapoints thresholds but the DBA Team will manage the SQL Datapoints ? Or are all Datapaoints are available to all Group having the Device in?
    (Discussed around 49:35. We will follow up with product team about the possibility of being able to restrict access at the specific DataSource level.)

    Q: I want to attend basic overview logicmonitor session. please assist.
    Our next product overview training webinar will be Wednesday, August 5 at 1 PM CDT. Register here!