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5 years ago

29 April 2020 Office Hours - Dashboards - Recording and Q&A

Thanks to all the attendees at this week’s Office Hours session.

  • You can find the recording here: 
  • The Q&A transcript is at the bottom of this post.
  • We'd love your feedback, so please take a moment to respond to our survey.
  • Our next session is planned for May 13th. You can register here
  • You can view and download the WFH dashboards that you saw in the webinar (as well as lots of other prebuilt dashboard templates).

Q&A Transcript:

Q: Stuart, how long did it take you to grow that beard?
A: Haha. It’s about 4 months since i last trimmed. My profile pic is about 3 years old and was the last time it was that short.

Q: Do you have a dashboard built out for a Citrix Netscaler VPN appliance?
A: The Citrix_Netscaler_AAA datasource might be what you’re looking for as far as data collection. Jake might know if there’s one pre-built. Take a look at the dashboard page to see if there’s one. It’s a pretty comprehensive list of what’s available. There might be more in the works. We can ask Jake.

Q: Can the Citrix / Xendesk dashboarb be used for Windows Remote Desktop?
A: The dashboard itself focuses on data from Xendesk widgets, but there is a DS called Terminal Services that should provide similar data.

Q: Is there a canned legend of that the Alert icons mean? Would be very useful to display on a Alarms dashboard--especially on a wallboard
A: I do not believe there is, but it wouldn’t be too difficult to make one using the text widget (which supports images)
This might also be helpful as we already have an icon legend that can be grabbed here.

Q: Cisco Webex Dashboard available?
A: I don't believe we have anything pre-built at this time. However, if you have datasources monitoring webex metrics our support team can help provide some guidance on how to configure graphs or add those to a dashboard.

Q: when you are looking at a Router-Interfaces (64 bit)-GigabitEthernet0/0/1-Throughput. is data showing the inbound and outbound aggregated to total bandwidth available i.e. I have a 1Gig internet interface and my ISP is supplying 1Gig of Bandwidth,  inbound showing 200M and outbound is 500M is my total bandwidth usage is 800M or becuse 1G ethernet is full duplex its only showing 200M of 1Gig inbound and 500M of 1Gig of outbound?
A: Can you provide some more detail? I'm trying to identify the exact datasource you're looking at here so we can help provide an answer.
Q: Cisco router 1Gig interface , Montioring our Thorughput usage
A: Unless I misunderstand what you are asking, it sounds like a question better aimed at your ISP. (How do they calculate bandwidth used?) Is that correct?
Q: "InOctets    All > Prod Internet Router > Interfaces (64 bit)- (snmp64_If-) > GigabitEthernet0/0/1 > InOctets    Do not display; Agg: SUM      
OutOctets    All > Prod Internet Router > Interfaces (64 bit)- (snmp64_If-) > GigabitEthernet0/0/1 > OutOctets    Do not display; Agg: SUM      
inbound_bps    InOctets*8    Custom      
outbound_bps    OutOctets*8    Custom
A: Thanks Walter, I think this would better be answered over a support chat so we can have an engineer dig in and walk though this with you directly. Difficult to properly address this fully over Zoom's Q/A.

Q: testing a couple of the templates from Getting an error when I import the json causing some of the widgets to not create.
     Some widgets could not be created due to configuration errors
One I'm looking at right now is the SQL Server Dashboard and maybe half the widgets didn't generate. Could this be a problem with our setup or is it possibly a typo or error in the json?
A: Hi Mike, Perhaps you may be missing some of the required datasources, hard to say without actually looking at the portal. Can you open up a support chat when you have a moment and one of our engineers can check this out with you as you import to confirm the root cause. I just loaded the SQL server dashboard into our training portal without errors. However, because we don’t have applicable instances, there are a lot of blank widgets, which is expected.
Q: Good to know. I can work with support. Thanks
A: They should be very helpful in this case

Q: Is there a link to download the Executive Overview dashboard (like there are for all the rest), or is this provided more of an example of what LM Dashboards are capable?
A: It's just an example of what strategies could be employed to create a good summary to an executive.