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3 years ago

2022 Live Training Schedule Released

For 2022, we will be hosting various live training sessions every month, convenient to three global regions:

Product Overview - 2nd Wednesday of April and May

This live training is meant to introduce you to the basics of LogicMonitor. If you recently started using LogicMonitor either because you are a new customer (yay!) or if you are an existing customer that needs some extra help to get things working right (we can help!), this session is for you. We cover three different topics, one each month: A) Collectors, Resources & Groups, & Dashboards, B) LogicModules, C) Alert Tuning & Routing. We cover the content then have time for Q&A.

Office Hours - Last Wednesday of every month

This live training is an AMA (ask me anything) style session where you have access to the experts on the training team. Bring your questions and ask about all things LogicMonitor. We have demo and lab environments available to demonstrate and explain the answers we provide. If you've ever wanted to talk with an LM expert in person, this is the place to be!

We offer multiple sessions every month of these live trainings:

And the big news!

We have a new landing page where you can see all upcoming live training sessions. You can even see past session recordings. There are options to display times in your local time zone and filter by type.  The remaining live trainings for this year are also listed there. Check it out and we hope to see you soon!