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    Questions asked during this session (& timestamps when they were asked):

    [1:02] anyone seen problems with windows login failures for the collector account after upgrade to v31.002. It worked for most of our collectors but two had to be rolled back.

    [2:04] Is it possible to get a report of alerts per device excluding those generated while in sdt.
        comment - looks like it might be possible via the api to get the sdt info and then get the alerts.

    [3:00] Is it possible to get a report of datasources with "no data"
        yes , that covers it, datasources with no data that should have

    [4:30] how do i get a prediction graphs going?
        to elaborate on that, where or how can i see the predictions LM is making for graphs, for instance cpu usage

    [5:53] we use barracuda firewalls at all our sites and have site to site vpns, is it possible to monitor these vpn connections?

    [8:44] Is there an option to clear an alert that is actually not valid any longer (data source -> RAW Data -> Poll Now is doing fine)?
    messy.  when you have a lot of datasources.

    [10:10] that's great! thanks, is it also possible to alert on a forecast?

    [10:31] Is it possible to get alerts to be an informational style notification, rather than a warning?
    [22:33] Config change notifications aren't exactly warning worthy, but we do want the notification it was changed. Just not require to be acknolwedged, but will autoclear and be visible in a report of sorts.

    [11:59] If i disable an alert for a datapoint for a device in one group, should that disable it for the device in all other groups? Thanks.

    [14:55] Is there a way to run a report on a dashboard to send as a PDF instead of HTML.

    [16:25] i'm new to logic monitor, i would like to have a noc view on my dashboard that shows uptime of all my domain controllers, how would i go about doing this, not sure if this would be covered on this session, if not could you point me to the right training for something like this.

    [20:03] is there a way of getting dynamic dashboards working? I would realy like to create 1 dashboard and than just filter out or filter in certain devices. (instead of creating a lot of dashboards for every combination i would like)
    [27:29] i found the dynamic dashboard from the community:



    [23:57] We have LM running for our Azure Instance, but it doesn't seem to generate the dynamic map (on-prem works perfectly fine, and adds the ERI's etc with dynamic mapping). Is there something we've missed during configuration or is this a known item?

    [29:09] Custom Reports -- Are these possible? I see there are template's usable, where we can select the properties, but some of the items we'd like in 1 report, are across multiple templates. So yes we can customize the template reports, but is there a fully customizable report?
        Oh that's perfect... I guess we will need to see if we can get the items we want in a dashboard.

    [33:00] Can you split that by collector?

    [35:09] best resource for scripting via the api?
        i use the python SDK, works great!
        I got the question from my team as well to get it up and running in powershell as well. I’m just a fan of using the sdk or groovy 

    [41:37] Are there template dashboards for select products ? 
    [46:02] is there a way of integrating azure devops? like failed pipelines etc?

    [50:36] how do you add devices, eg ip address only, dns name or can you pick up whole OUs from active directory

    [54:02] really? what options for servicenow are these?

    [55:13] We're using Topdesk as our logging tool, and I cannot find a way to integrate LM with it. How would I go about that? Probably have to contact Topdesk for integration support? If LM alerts, a case could be opened in Topdesk...

    [answered after the video] can we get barracuda logs (eg temprature, errors etc) into logic monitor.
    A: You should be able to. Look through the Exchange for any existing LogicModules. If you can't find any, as mentioned a couple times in this webinar, you'd need to start by identifying what metrics you want and whether or not those metrics are observable. If they are observable, you would build a DataSource using the required protocol to poll those metrics.

    [answered after the video] Do you know of any 'Out of the box' features, which do port density and port use statistics for capacity planning, utilizing switch snmp polling?
    A: Not out of the box, but I built a DataSource to do this. It's here.

    [answered after the video] any way to get at the collector logs via the web interface?
    A: Yes, it's a two step process. The first step is to click the "Manage" button on the collector of choice, select the "Support" dropdown and select "Send logs to LogicMonitor". Once you do that, you will see logs available in the logs list under that collector.