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3 years ago

2022-04-13 US Product Overview - Alert Tuning & Routing

Thanks for attending our webinar today. Please give us feedback so we can improve our live trainings.


Questions asked during this session:

Front loading questions here.We have several sites with IT and OT hardware behind a VPN on a network that is not dependable. When the VPN goes down each device sends an individual alert. Is there anything we can do to limit the alerts coming in from a specific site? For instance We just had 244 alerts come in from a single site because the VPN went down momentarily.

in the default alert table, I don't see the time series options and charts you had.. I only show "any time" settings
only shows table settings
I am admin, yes. Thank you

Is this being recorded? so I can share it with the rest of my team.

How much history is considered to calculate the norm?

Using RBAC, can I configure a specific application team to configure their own alerts, but not overide rules that a monitoring team may be using?

Can you walk us through customizing alert messages?

When will the batch job fucntions/templates such as changing snmp community names, updating ACLs or others to all 200 devices be added to LM?
Other monitoring tools have the batch jobs fucntions to execute command scripts to multiple devices for certain fucntions such as I mentioned earlier.

We get alert calls based on our alert rules for "down" state and "all clear". Is there a way to receive the "down" calls and not the "all clear" calls?

can you elaborate a little on custom dashboards? for instance we monitor a lot of edge devices on the field, and would like to setup a dashboard that fetches for Ping loss percent, host status, and would like to customize the dashboard to display those alerts as well as MAC address associated with devices

Can we set an alerting threshold for an individual device to only alert x times per time period?

How to effectively protect customizations to the various sources - say datasource, when you update the datasource.