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3 years ago

2022-03-30 - EMEA Office Hours

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Questions asked:

[2:00] How can I use LM for billing purposes? CLient wants to know what the total throughput is on a network interface per cycle/month ie 50 Gbps or 10 Tbps. I was thinking about converting the inOctetxt to a counter.
sorry, dont need a rate. what you have done is perfect
can you do 95th percentile?
can you talk around the use fields in that report? start, end, max, = change% ? is this between periods or between the previous report?

[9:52] Have you any experience of calling credentials e.g. SNMP v3 from an exteranl password manager e.g. 1password?

[11:23] Is there a way to stop auto discovery of resources from within Azure within Logic Monitor
or AWS

[15:19] I asked on the forums about manual topo mapping. The last time you recored this, it seems a piece was cut off. I built out the mario brothers world sample, but could not quite figure out all the steps such the actual linking database. I want to manually link multiple ping-multi instances (ran from the collector) to be dependant on a specifc router/interface status. So that will be instances being dependant on datasources.
what is the 2nd method to get an erID allocated?

[28:24] is any Data Source available to monitor HA WLC failover?

[30:44] is there a way to show datasource counts as a big number? I.e. count the numbner of ping multi?
I will try to post these datasources here soon.

[33:28] I have a question about cluster alerting, have you been able to pass through a custom attribute into ServiceNow using the alert integration? Its an inherited field going to a custom field in ServiceNow Been playing around with the attributes n the ServiceNow intergration, just haven’t found the correct source field in LM
yep, the mapping in ServiceNow isnt’ really an issue, its more the LM side

[39:02] Since the new Network Interfaces ds was release (repalce interface 64) our alerts increased ny 1000s. mostly warning, interface status and flaps. Was it just me or did this happen to others? Still working through this.
Thanks - I might need to use filters here to monitor critical interfaces only. Lots of end user ports that are not critical.

[47:36] Are there any plans to release the capabilty to use Instance Descriptions  more extensively in your portal? I want to be able to search for. description oin the rousources tab. I also want to be use these descriptions in widgets (DSIDESCRIPTION). Limited support for this currently.