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3 years ago

2022-02-23 - EMEA Office Hours

Thanks all for attending today's webinar. Please consider filling out our feedback survey to better adjust the schedule, topics, and presentation of our Live Training Webinars. Here's the replay from today's webinar:


Questions asked during today's webinar:

[1:24] can you show me how to create a noc view to show domain controllers and their uptime

[6:30] SNMP: What is the status of a possible MIB import facility being developed? Adding all different OIDs is a lot of work...

[9:44] how to setup email notifications only for high severity issues, eg ping loss

[15:44] it is my understanding you can't un-acknowledge an alert.... is that correct?

[17:29] is there a limit to how many collectors we can have, also is installing a collector just running a simple exe

[26:40] Is there an easy way to create report on devices and their communication/status - what im looking is report by type of devices and specific detailis like os level /patching. Or issues with specific puller to be know if it works or never worked and need to be disabled. like for cisco or palo alto OS level so I will know if they require patching

[41:26] Can I turn off WMI automatically for f.i. Linux devices? Add the NoWMI to the hasLinux() group? I have configured wmi credentials on the whole NOC...I probably want to move the credentials elsewhere...