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3 years ago

2021-Nov-10 US Product Overview - LogicModules

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Following is a transcript of the questions asked during this webinar:

Q: [19:48] Is there a way to manually do an snmp walk to a device? Thx

Q: [25:42] How to get OID from a device to monitor?

Q: [30:43] Can I have the recording of this webinar?  I am not able to pay attention on this day monthly.
A: a href="" rel="">

Q: What was that link to all the recorded sessions of this?
A: a href="" rel="">

Q: [34:25] How to make configsource (ssh_exec_standard) to stop generating config versions under configuration instance from common configsources -> standard configs (ssh exec) in a resource.. It thinks there is a configuration change in a  network device when the device's config itself is not changing at all, thus it generates a new config version - collector version is 30.001
from your cisco example there are multiple versions.. my example is the same however the device's config is not changing at all

Q: [35:50] How do you enable the config source for a device in your resources?  Does it eat up extra licensing beyond the normal resource license?

Q: [37:55] How to put one cluster of a vCenter into SDT? I'm guessing it depends on what Alerts are enabled, and also HOW the vCenter is being polled/monitored by LM

Q: [39:17] my config check is configured as type: "config cannot be retrieved"

Q: [40:39] Do I need to update my dashboard to a recent version to see the ConfigSource option?

Q: [42:39] I have two things to share that were supprises [sic] to the engineer we were working with.