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3 years ago

2021-10-13 US Product Overview - Alert Tuning & Routing


Q: There are a lot of alerts configured out of the box. If my company doesn't care about them, is there a good way to turn down alerts to avoid excess noise in the platform?
A: One best practice involves creating a dynamic group containing all devices. On that group level, you can tune thresholds globally. You will have to do it datapoint by datapoint. The Alert Frequency report will show you which datapoints will give you the most noise reduction.
Ok - basically what i've been doing. Wasn't sure if there was a quicker/best practice way of doing this. Thanks!!

Q: Will there ever be an all-in-one, single pane of glass, readout for setting up alert to alert chains to recipient groups?
A: That’s a good question. Our product team needs to hear that feedback and your CSM is the best way to get it to them. I agree, we need a simpler way to show it.

Q: Can we create a customer user to receive sms and calls as well as only see his environment upon logging in?
A: Yes, you can create one or many user accounts to allow your customers to log into LM. The contact information you specify on that user account is what is used by Escalation Chains. You can also limit that user to only see a certain branch of the resource group tree.
Excellent. Thank you!

Q: Can we set alert dependency?
A: Unfortunately, the Zoom cut off before we could get to this question, but it requires clarification. It's a deep topic depending on which way it goes.