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3 years ago

2021-09-28 US Office Hours


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Questions answered during this session:

Q: [7:40] We have a directory underneath agent/bin.  It’s the scripts directory.  All else is owned by logicmonitor.logicmonitor.  The scripts directory is owned by root.root.  Any problems with that.  I think they’redd all marked as executable by all. But directory ownership might prevent logicmonitor from putting a script onto a collector I’d guess. /usr/local/logicmonitor/agent/

Q: [14:57] Process running as root vs. logicmonitor user, is that a problem? Would upgrades work?

Q: [20:00] Collector installation requiring writing to the sudoers file. Ours is tightly controlled, what problems might we have?grzz

Q: [23:48] What is the risk of having different version Collectors in an ABCG during an upgrade?

Q: [not on recording] How far can you back-level collector versions?  I’ve seen that you can go back one at least available from the Manage button.
A: You can only download and install the versions that are available.