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  • Questions and the minute mark where they are answered listed below:

    6:03 - For new Logic Monitor users, is there a step-by-step guide for getting set up? 
    7:02 - How many servers can a collector serve, how much load?
    9:20 - Is it expected for endpoint devices (i.e. servers and PCs) to show up on the topology map? If so, what needs to be done to make that happen?
    10:06 - What is the minimum latency LogicMonitor requires to poll the data in the network or from data centers?
    11:11 - Are there any other platforms apart from Postman to use for API programming? Link supporting answer:
    14:11 - Does AIX Servers Monitoring support from SSH or only from SNMP? 
    14:55 - Is there detailed information on dynamic threshold calculations available to help with tuning?
    17:22 - Are there options to have new Office 365 cloud integration run DataSources outside of what LogicMonitor publishes? 
    18:58 - Are there any built-in DataSources for JMX?
    21:20 - What options are there for handling DataSources that are about to be deprecated by LogicMonitor? Any examples from other users who manage safely/cleanly updating them to new iterations?
    28:00 - Is there an option for mass updating group names?
    28:36 - In the filtering fields, like under Report or Widget, where the '*' appears, is it possible to use RegEx instead?
    30:40 - Why when using the Office 365 integration does it create a folder with the tenant properties associated with it, and then has an actual cloud resource under it? 
    34:10 - If LogicMonitor fails to send an email alert is there a way to know?
    35:35 - Are there any significant differences between the LogicMonitor setup/configuration for Azure and GCP as compared with AWS?
    38:40 - Is there a way to get an alert/notification if there are error in Integrations logs?
    42:00 - Are there other ways to audit Resources and Website checks to ensure that "important" stuff is being caught by the Alert Rules and going to appropriate escalation chains? Other than using API to pull all the Devices and Escalation chains. 
    50:10 - If any of the collectors go down, can the traffic to the collector be auto-routed to other collectors?
    54:34 - How are Cloud resources counts calculated?