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3 years ago

2021-07-28 EMEA Office Hours

Here's the recording of today's webinar. Please consider filling out our feedback survey.


Question index:

2:38: are there any pros / cons for using Linux based collectors ?

6:13: Are there any issues running the Collector on a server providing other services (WSUS for example), or should it be standalone?

11:30: Are there any automation possibilities? For example, if a service stops on a Windows server, is there a way LogicMonitor can try to restart the service?  Linked Github repo here 

17:23: Is there a way to monitor the underlying Azure infrastructure, not our components but the Azure components on which they run?

21:37: Is there any way to see if other customers are exporting data from LogicMonitor to view the data in another system? Grafana? PowerBI? LM API documentation here 

Webinar schedule for 2021

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38:12: Is LM Logs a part of LogicMonitor, or is it an external tool we'll have to buy? LM Logs Main Support Documentation

40:08: can you show how to tweek/change anomality part for logs or it can be done?