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4 years ago

2021-05-26 Product Overview Training - Office Hours


Q: Can an alert be un-acked using the API or an integration?

A: No, an alert cannot be un-acked. In the logicmontior platform an ack is interpreted as taking ownership of an alert. It may be possible to use an SDT instead of an Ack, but I do not believe this is possible using a bi-directional integration.


Q: I would like to create a widget that includes storage metrics but the percentage does not provide enough context.

A: Let me explain where the data comes from and demonstrate the table widget and some of its capabilites


Q: We have a topology issue where certain VMware entities are not showing up properly in topology maps

A: An explanation of how Topology Works (ERIs, TopologySources, etc) and a description of some basic troubleshooting techniques


Q: How might I audit the ability of a role to access a particular resource

A: Either the role report through a manual process, or use of the api to match users roles, groups, and devices. API docs for the relevant objects here:




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