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4 years ago

2021-05-12 Product Overview Training - Office Hours

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How do I handle Syslog and Traps in conjunction with Auto Balanced Collector Groups?

A: We generally try to make it so that traps are unnecessary by polling for most of the data you'd need. If traps or syslog are necessary, it's likely that statically assigned collectors are necessary. It's possible if you're using LM Logs to capture these flows on dedicated collectors.


Question: Please demonstrate Safe LogicModule Merge in the exchange

Answer: We showed a few things; note that the LM exchange is about to be changed


Question: Is it possible to add scripted text to a dashboard

Answer: There are several potential ways to make dashboard text dynamic. Text widgets are actually in HTML and can be worked with programmatically. It's also possible to use the HTML widgets to embed content from other web services. 


Question: How do I write efficient groovy scripts for data collection?

Answer: We give a quick rundown of some good coding practices, including using BatchScript for collection.